The EdTech Bible:
Everything you need to know about teaching and technology

The EdTech Bible is the book about technology that I wish I had when I began my career in the classroom over ten years ago. No matter what your technology or teaching background, this is the book that will allow you to develop engaging, original and satisfying classroom experiences suited to your own teaching goals.

Do you want to learn more about incorporating technology into your teaching practice but don’t know where to start?

Come with me as I share my journey along the EdTech landscape.  I will share my experience and expertise along with resources that will help you explore using technology in your classroom too.


The EdTech Bible is structured as a multi-media ebook and includes images, video, and links and can be found both in the iBookstore and on Amazon. Buy yours today!


"For any teacher a bit overwhelmed at how to best utilize the resources of new technologies
in your classroom, Kristen Treglia's guide is a must-read. Written in clear prose and illustrated with great examples, you'll learn how to immediately improve your teaching by harnessing the power of the latest educational websites and apps. Highly recommended for any level of instruction."

Brian Rose, Communication & Media Studies Professor Fordham University